Indu-Con always places the client's interests first. The optimal care of any repairs to your product has our highest priority. There are several possibilities regarding the repair of your product:

1.  Ready while you wait

With minor damage to your product, it is not a problem for our staff to fix it while you are waiting. With this option, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

2.  Pickup and delivery service

with greater damage it is possible for us to pick up your product and fix it in our establishment. After the repair, we are pleased to deliver it back to your company. Note that there is transportation costs connected to this option. Of course it is also possible to deliver and pick up the product yourself.

3.  Repair on location

It is also possible for us to send out an employee to fix the product on location. It is required to have an optimal indication of the nature of damage before we proceed with this option.


Are you ready for something new without purchasing new products? We are also pleased to help you in the field of renovations. With some minor or major adjustments your existing products are indistinguishable from new. For example adding extra elements to your attraction or the replacement of some parts are among the numerous possibilities, nothing is too crazy for us. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us for the possibilities. Attention!: changes to your Indu-Con products may only be performed by Indu-Con itself because the essential safety may otherwise be affected.


Indu-Con always places the client’s interests first. We passionately work for the profession, with empathy for the client and can therefore ensure your product’s success. Responding to trends is our second nature. We dispose of a large amount of knowledge of the markets in which we operate and want to contribute to develop this specialism. We keep a close eye on developments, techniques and opportunities for innovation, enabling our customer to distinguish from others. While other companies are limited in terms of possibilities, the possibilities and opportunities at Indu-Con are self-evident and unlimited! Our development staff, designers and graphic artists are highly qualified staff members who can make your dream object reality.


Maintenance by using sustainable materials, the products we produce need little maintenance. Therefore the majority of maintenance can be performed yourself. However, if you still have any questions/need advice on the maintenance of your product, please contact us.


In the area of assembly we are able to provide many solutions. With the expertise of our staff we are able to assemble your product quickly and professionally at each location. We are pleased to think along to find the most advantageous solution for you.


Indu-Con is able to transport your products anywhere you want.

There are several possibilities:

1.  Own fleet

With our own extensive fleet we are able to transport your products to the location you specified.

2.  External carrier

Indu-Con has a close collaboration with different external carriers, who are pleased to deliver your product to the right destination. Because Indu-Con has these options to its disposal it is no problem to deliver your products to the designated locations on short term.