Silo Covers Agridek

We supply KIWA certified covers for the agricultural company Agridek. Agridek is a leader in the supply of roughage cover systems in the agricultural sector and the production of fully consistent and complete roughage. They do this with the self-developed Agridek Lasagna ensiling concept.

Since 1999, on our own farm, we have been going with the idea of ensiling all grass cuts and corn in layers in 1 silo. Now, decades later, we are spreading our vision on a daily basis and helping dairy farmers to achieve the best overall concept.

Agridek likes to share ideas with the customer and supplies the entire package, consisting of the portal system, the permanent coverings and the water management including the groundwork.

In addition, together with Agridek, we are continuously working on improvements and innovations.
For further information, please see the Agridek website: