Silo Covers

We supply KIWA certified covers for the agricultural company Agridek. Agridek is a leader in the supply of roughage cover systems in the agricultural sector and the production of fully consistent and complete roughage. They do this with the self-developed Agridek Lasagna ensiling concept. Agridek likes to share ideas with the customer and supplies the entire package, consisting of the portal system, the permanent coverings and the water management including the groundwork. In addition, together with Agridek, we are continuously working on improvements and innovations. For further information, please see the Agridek website:  

Sealing tubes

Sealing tubes are the optimal way to store your harvested crops. Indu-Con uses top-quality materials, ensuring quality and user-friendliness. We have solutions tailored to every situation because everything is manufactured according to your wishes. Additionally, Indu-Con is at your service when it comes to installation, maintenance, et cetera.

Absorbing sheets

Absorbing sheets ensure that agricultural produce is dried in an effective way. The sheets ensure an even and effective airflow between the crates. Furthermore, the system is easy to use and to work with. The absorbing sheets are manufactured entirely according to the client's wishes.

Cubic containers

A common problem when transporting cubic containers is that the products often fall off the crates. It is easy to prevent this using a cubic box cover. The covers ensure that the products are not pecked out of the box by birds. The covers are made of high quality materials to ensure a long lifespan.​

Flexible halls

Flexible halls are applied for the most diverse purposes. For example these halls are perfect for; housing livestock, storage, stabling etc. Additionally the halls bring along some lucrative benefits, such as; a small price tag compared to an original construction, excellent ventilation, quick installation/removal, storm proof etc. All halls are produced of high quality materials in any desired size. In order to create more light within the hall, it is possible to choose a cloth which is dark on the outside and light inside (for example green outside and white on the inside).