Ice skating shelter

This canopy is produced according to the ISU dimensions and covers the entire 400 m track. Optional the integrated windows can be opened if desired, which creates a unique skating experience for both skaters as for the public. The tents are obtainable in any desired color.


A membrane is a unique addition to the appearance of your business premises, catering establishment, house, family park, club house, etcetera. In addition to its visual function, a membrane also has a practical function. For instance, membranes are particularly suitable as roof structure for stages, entrance gates, stands, smoking areas, et cetera. It protects your visitors from the elements, such as precipitation and the sun. Each membrane is produced completely according to the client's unique wishes in any form or size. Due to their solid and durable structure, the membranes are suitable for both permanent and semi-permanent use. At Indu-Con we take care of the entire process for you, from design to production, as a result of which the options are endless.

Cross overtents

Crossover tents are strikingly styled canopies. Due to the light weight they are easy/fast to install, disassemble and transport. Additionally the tents withstand the most extreme weather conditions because of their innovative design and high quality material, which makes it ideal to use them during events. The crossover tents are available in any desired design, size and color.

Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are an absolute eye-catcher and are used for various promotional purposes. Due to the flexibility of the construction it is easy to install and disassemble at the desired location. The tents are available in any desired design and size.

We are pleased to think along with you to achieve the desired result.