Exhibition stands

An exceptional presentation is the most important manner to draw attention to your product/brand. With a striking exhibition stand you can mark out your product and distinguish your brand from competitors. Indu-Con turns your desires into reality. We are pleased to think along in achieving the most outstanding result.

Advertising / Finish arches

Advertising/finish arches are the ideal way for companies, sponsors, foundations, associations, etc. to bring attention to the public. They can be used for the most diverse events, such as; (professional) sport- and walking events as well as an entrance at meetings etc. Due to the low weight they are easy to install, store and transport. The arches are available in any desired design and size.​

Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are an absolute eye-catcher and are used for various promotional purposes. Due to the flexibility of the construction it is easy to install and disassemble at the desired location. The tents are available in any desired design and size. We are pleased to think along with you to achieve the desired result.

Crossover tents

Crossover tents are strikingly styled canopies. Due to the light weight they are easy/fast to install, disassemble and transport. Additionally the tents withstand the most extreme weather conditions because of their innovative design and high quality material, which makes it ideal to use them during events. The crossover tents are available in any desired design, size and color.

Product magnifications

Using inflatable product magnifications is an easy and inexpensive way to draw attention to your product. Indu-Con uses high quality materials to enable installation on any surface(both indoor as outdoor). The product magnifications are available in any desired size/design and can additionally be obtained with a partial or full color print. Due to the lightweight material the product magnifications are easy to install.​