Separation curtains

Divide areas in an efficient manner by using separation curtains. The greatest advantages of these curtains, they are; dust proof, isolating, easy to clean, reduce noise pollution, energy saving and can be used for view-hiding purposes. The separation curtains are available in various designs (with or without window), colors and sizes.


Protect your products and ensure a longer lifespan using tarpaulins. Tarpaulins are applicable to a wide range of products such as; luggage carts, containers, swimming pools, trailers, boats etc. and are available in any desired size and color.​

Insulation covers

Insulation covers ensure that your products can be transported at a constant temperature. In addition the materials used are extremely durable and they have strong bacteria repellent properties. With a special folding method it is easy to store the covers in an efficient manner. The insulation covers are obtainable in any size, from trolley to pallet.​